Setting up a private detective agency is easy, getting it to operate properly is not. The radical response to a stalker by one of his colleagues is bad enough, but his technology expert stretches the boundaries of legality so far it would sink the business if word got out. Which makes it difficult to win the approval of DS Anastasia Cook, something he needs to do for business reasons, but increasingly wants to for other reasons as well. With film conventions, psychics, incendiary devices and electronic sleights of hand, who could blame him for feeling autumn leaves were falling and winter was just round the corner. Following on from Interleaved Lives, A Habit of Mind is the second title in the Douglas Hunter series.

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Steven Cooper disappears without trace. The unsolved investigation becomes a cold case, then his wife disappears. DI Jane Patterson doesn't believe in coincidences and is determined to discover the truth. A nationwide hunt uncovers some gruesome finds. - Mrs Cooper is in imminent danger - As Petterson's investigation pieces together the clues, the focus of the investigation moves from the north to the south of the UK - Is there an unlikely connection with an 8th Century pagan saint? - The race is on to save Mrs Cooper from the clutches of evil.

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The thought of an imminent apocalypse didn't occur to anyone, anywhere. Our world leaders had jumped at the chance to exploit creatures of the deep, curious beings that appeared to express a benevolent desire to clean up our mess from the oceans. Jack Lee had seen these creatures in action over twenty years previously, and he had been trying to get over the horrific memories of them ever since. When events began to escalate, we still believed we had solutions. We were smart! We could fix anything, couldn't we?

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Betrayed by her husband's disappearance. Destroyed when her foster son vanished. Destitute, Dorothy trudged the countryside reflecting on all she had left; her memories. Squatting in an empty farmhouse she was haunted by the ghost of an 18th Century aspirant nun, whose presence stirred her out of despair. Will Dorothy's resilience win through? Will she find a sense of peace and more importantly will she ever learn the truth? MISSING Past and Present is a captivating, genealogical mystery with a ghostly presence. If you like compelling, emotionally charged British mysteries then you'll love Diana Jackson's 'Mystery Inspired by History' series.

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Two murders interwoven ~ one hundred years apart. Joanna Thomas, a less than conventional farmer's wife is accused of murdering her husband, but with no motive or murder weapon uncovered, the likelihood of a speedy conviction is diminishing, much to the dismay of the, soon to retire, Inspector Norton. His officers try to placate him whilst uncovering a series of most strange coincidences, all compelling them towards an unsolved murder back in 1919. From no obvious suspects they now have several seemingly unlikely candidates, none with totally believable alibis. Whilst puzzling over the complexity of this strange case DS Tony Brown and DC Cathy Peterson take a trip to Jersey, but losing their lead they return, just as the case turns decidedly sinister.Could an unsolved murder in Haynes, Bedfordshire back in 1919 really have a bearing on this case?

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Douglas Hunter works as a police detective till he attempts to locate his missing wife by abusing privileged access to police databases. Forced to resign, he takes on clients. His first, Alison Ogilvie, has deep suspicions of her husband, which prove to be correct when he turns up dead with a plastic bag over his head. The two are pursued by Hunter's ex-boss, DS Maureen MacNeil, who didn't like him before and likes him even less now that he has gone private. In their attempts to discover what has happened to their respective partners, and to defend themselves from the abrasive DS MacNeil, they form an unlikely but effective partnership.

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The lives of Harriet's family and friends are interwoven seamlessly through 1910 to 1920, as history comes to life through the eyes of the characters. It is a tale of endurance and hardship through the Great War, contrasted by the excitement of the birth of Supermarine, early flying boat production and The Schneider Trophy. Hints of character traits formed in early childhood appear to guide the destiny of the menfolk as they play their part in the less well known facets of World War One, but the roles of the womenfolk, too, change beyond recognition.

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Riduna is the Latin name for the unique and picturesque island of Alderney, sister island to Guernsey Channel Islands, UK. For Harriet, who was born on Riduna in 1866, and many others in her community, the island seems to be a character in its own right. It is the only world they have known, or wanted to know. On the other hand, Edward lives with his head full of dreams of distant shores. As their destiny is challenged, will their devotion remain constant? Riduna tells the story of Harriet and Edward as they move towards adulthood, when conflicting dreams, tragedy and poor communications all play a role in their lives. Do you ever feel that your very reason for being alive is threatened? Have you ever loved someone so much that you have let them walk away? Have you experienced displacement, daunted by moving away to somewhere unfamiliar, and yet deep within your heart is the very place you have left behind, a place you once dared to call home?

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